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Updated trim package

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Hi all. I have an order in for a signature plus SE and I am wondering how big a difference there is with the upgraded speakers and improved cloth interior. Also, does the moonroof make it seem smaller when closed? Just wondering if I should have gone with the cheaper base model and it is impossible to tell when there are none to test drive here in Northern California.
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I can only respond to the moonroof question. I too have placed an order, though was fortunate enough to test drive a demo in SoCal. I'm 6'-2" and had plenty of room driving the demo with the moonroof. However, it's been my experience that a moonroof will take up about an inch of headroom.
Awesome, thanks. I am 6’3 so headroom is always a concern. I ended up ordering from down in LA because they said it can be in by November whereas the dealers up here said not until March 2022. I am nervous that the federal rebates will be going away next year, unless you meet certain requirements, so I was hoping to get it in this year then just road trip it back to norcal. Maybe I’ll scope out the charging situation in the PCH as it would be more enjoyable than rt 5.
Yikes, March 2022! I'm confident about the $7,500 sticking around for a while longer. Great idea going up the coast with so much to see. In regard to space, I drove, the sales rep was in the front passenger seat, and my wife was in the back seat. Everyone had plenty of room.
Have you seen this site for planning a trip? It allows the exact car to be input and will locate charging stops as needed, charge times, and nearby amenities for each location. Total miles and total time with charging is given as well. It would be quite helpful for a coastal journey.

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