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Tesla's Supercharger Network Is Opening For All EVs

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As part of a program with the federal government, Tesla will be opening up a piece of their charging network to non-Teslas.

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb 15 (Reuters) - Tesla (TSLA.O) will open part of its U.S. charging network to electric vehicles (EVs) made by rivals as part of a $7.5 billion federal program to electrify the nation's highways to cut carbon emissions, the Biden administration said on Wednesday.

Such a move could help turn Tesla into the universal filling station of the EV era - and risk eroding a competitive edge for vehicles made by the company, which has exclusive access to the biggest network of high-speed 'superchargers' in the United States.

By the end of next year, Tesla will open 3,500 new and existing superchargers along highway corridors, as well as 4,000 slower chargers at locations like hotels and restaurants, to non-Tesla customers, the administration said.

A White House official said at a briefing that Tesla would be eligible for a subsidy - including retrofitting its existing fleet - as long as its chargers would allow other vehicles with a federally backed charging standard called CCS to charge.

Tesla and Chief Executive Elon Musk did not respond to requests for confirmation and comment.

Tesla has 17,711 superchargers, accounting for about 60% of total U.S. fast chargers that can add hundreds of miles of driving range in an hour or less. There are also nearly 10,000 "destination" chargers with Tesla plugs that can recharge a vehicle overnight.

Opening up access to Tesla's network would be a quick win for an ambitious federal program to build 500,000 EV chargers by 2030, up from 130,000 currently.
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Don’t get behind a Hummer!!!
Reminds me of the oil embargo and gas rationing in the 80s - same look and feel as the gas stations!
Don’t get behind a Hummer!!!
Reminds me of the oil embargo and gas rationing in the 80s - same look and feel as the gas stations!
Yeah I wouldn't want to be behind a Hummer EV charging lol. It's why we need more and more chargers being built.
How will that work? Does someone make an adapter for level 3 charging
Tesla adapters

Yes, and they are not expensive.
Unfortunately, that is a level 2 adapter not for use with Superchargers
Can Other Cars Use Tesla Chargers? — Lectron EV (

I believe that it will work with the supercharger as tesla allows. As I understand it, it is a setting in the charger. I could be wrong clearly. And yes, it is possible to only charge at a slower rate, but still

I have seen non-Tesla being charged at tesla stations, so clearly someone has figured it out.
Maybe although it says twice in the description that it is for use at Tesla Destination chargers not Superchargers,
Looks like Tesla is going to take care of the adapter at the supercharger itself
I wonder if Tesla will increase the length of the Supercharger cables. Some of the Superchargers I have visited, the cable is just long enough to reach the Model 3 charge port and that is with backing up quite close to the SC itself.
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