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setting SatNav with voice command

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Had the car around 3 months (mini cooper S option 2) now and it is great to drive and seems to be very well made. But
I am having loads of trouble with the sat nav. When trying to give the destination address with speech it returns wild and ridiculous options . For a test I entered the address of a local school clearly ( so did the wife on another attempt) and replied Did you say "Rome 875 miles". It speaks to us in english but gives wild and obviously erroneous details to the most simple of instruction clearly spoken.

My iPhone is too old to support the Mini App so that approach is not possible

Any body had similar problems and / or what might be going on ?


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Does the SE have a voice learning mode? My 2010 Audi S4 had a five minute process for learning your voice for better results. I don't yet have my SE to check out.
Hi J

thanks for the suggestion that it might have to learn what I sound like. I tried again yesterday (4/11) First time I needed to use it as most of the time we know where we were going. Anyway first attempt completely odd but repeated the command around 6 more times still all wrong. But on the 7th it returned the full address correctly with post code. So will try it on a few places where we know we are going and suspect the wife will have to go through the same procedure as well.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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