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Road Trip

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I had an SE on order with signed purchase order before the new federal incentive was signed into law. When delivery day came last week I couldn’t take the vehicle. But my son wanted it. So I co-signed with him to obtain the incentive. But he lives in Utah and I live in Washington. So he did the thing he does all the time and road tripped the SE back to Utah.

The trip went 100% smooth except for a rock chip turned crack. The 800 mile journey was well planned but just took extra time to charge as they needed near 100% most the legs. The trip took about 75% longer but was done with a relaxing “road trip” mentality so it wasn’t painful at all. The fact that some places were 10deg didn’t help the range either. There are 2 sections in southern Idaho that don’t have any 50KW+ chargers. So they stopped at a VW dealership in twin falls, the dealership w fantastic. And the other leg they diverted up to Pocatello.

I told my son, even though this is your first 2 days with an EV you just did a marathon in one. To road trip in a vehicle with such short range in a difficult charge area shows that you really can do it all.

He loves the vehicle and can’t believe it’s his.

sorry, in the whirlwind I never took a pic but here is his ordered image

Tire Wheel Vehicle Window Grille

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Congratulations @Ys Guy and welcome to the forum! How did you son find the charging on the trip? Did he have issues with chargers on his way to Utah?
Only a small level in central Oregon. They were going to top up with 5 mile there. Instead they had to get to hermiston charger with 0 miles left. They were trying not to use any reserve battery. All other legs had a few miles left and didn’t require dipping into reserve percentages.
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