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BMW Group released their Q4 2021 sales numbers and in it they revealed that 1 in 10 Mini Customers worldwide drives an electric Mini.

One in ten MINI customers worldwide already drives fully electric

The MINI brand delivered 302,144 vehicles to customers last year – 3.3 percent more than in 2020. Around 17 percent of these vehicles had an electrified drive train. More than one in ten MINI customers opted for the fully-electric MINI: the MINI Cooper SE* (34,851 units). The MINI Electric is the MINI family’s highest-volume model and was a driving force for the brand in 2021, delivering growth of 98.2 percent worldwide. With a planned realignment of the model range, expansion of production capacity and development of new target groups and markets, the MINI strategy will remain focused on successful, profitable growth going forward.

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