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On Demand Test Drives

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As automakers begin to slowly move away from the conventional dealership model, BMW has outlined a new program to get inside the latest Mini. Mini USA has partnered with Twitter to create a 'Tweet to Test Drive' program that will allow consumers to summon a new Mini for a road test. Currently it will only be available in San Francisco and LA up until November 30 and will exclusively offer test drives of the new Countryman and Countryman PHEV.
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Organizing a test drive can be unnecessarily complicated and this is a solid solution, albeit short term. A similar program for the Mini EV could do a lot to generate interest in it. There may be many who are considering this for their first EV.
Cool concept but I think they could have done better by say, making it a tour across the nation to get the conversation going. Much like how we look for good reputable reviews of a restaurant we want to eat at, social proof also holds its importance here. For that reason forums like this have been my main go to for info.
Shame they've restricted it to just the Countryman, and the PHEV variant is imo one of the worse new hybrids that's released. Lets hope that the fully electric model has much more comparable specs to key rivals.
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