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Newbie with headlight/radio question

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Ive had my 2022 SE for a week and tonight was going to go to the local drive in movie. Decided before we left we better figure out how to keep the radio on and turn the headlights off. Sat in the driveway getting frustrated till it was too late.

So the headlight dial on the far left should shut everything off if it is at the setting second from teh left or “O” right? We still had lights on, couldn’t go fully off.

Also how do we just have the radio on but no other interior electronics?

Sorry to sound baffled but Ive had a Fiat 500e for the last 7 years and tech wise it is a lot simpler. The MINI has more bells and whistles than I know what to do with.
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So it turns out to get the daytime running lights off and keep the radio on, we had to go into the menu and turn them off. The light dial did everything but turn off the running lights
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