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Neither a fan of luxury, rolling living rooms nor the idea that a car is a means from point A to point B. The journey has always been the thing. If point A was so great you wouldn't have left. If getting to point B was so important, you'd expect it to have a somewhat more interesting name. So, Mini for the fun.
My auto heritage:
Family station wagon
1971 Dodge Dart Custom (w/ slant 6, probably still running)
1981 Audi 100LS (succumbed to the cost of FWD axle repair but fun until then)
1980something Audi diesel (Died within days, take a hint)
1976? Mercury Capri (a return to fun but caught fire from overzealous application of starting fluid)
1989 Plymouth Horizon (at 250k miles the rear suspension separated from the body but can't complain)
2001 PT Cruiser (for the style and ride height of a truck body, fun prior to 65 mph deer encounter)
2013 Honda Fit Sport (just turned 70k w/ slightly wider A/S ultra high performance tires and low-restriction air filter, fun)
Waiting for 2022 Mini SE Moonwalk Grey signature trim w/ white roof and mirrors, and 16-inch black Victory Spoke wheels. Really fun I expect.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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