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Bought the basic 2021 Mini SE 2 weeks ago to replace a 2007 Mini Cooper. We live on a small Southern Gulf Island between Vancouver and Victoria BC so we’re not terribly concerned about range. The 2007 Mini was my wife’s favourite car and replacing it with another Mini was a no brainer. So far we are loving it! Getting used to the charging and braking and love the quiet ride. For longer trips and when the grandkids are here we have aVolvo V60 XC.
Always enjoy reading about real time experiences on forums.
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I ordered a 2022. I think that ours will be classic in less than 5 years. Read that new one will be release in next or two years. 1. New one will be Made in China and more of a Chinese Tech instead of BMW, even though not bad thing at all. But will lose the Made in England cachet.
2. Given the short for Sale timeframe and the highly customizable each Mini is, you probably will never see the same SE ever. Unlike the super common Tesla Model 3. I wonder how that will feel. Probably like my S2000 days Vs my current Prius days.
3. Lastly, given that the North American sub compact market is pretty much over. The new smaller Mini might not even make it to Canada.
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