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Mini EV arrives on 30th October

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Following several months wait our EV arrives on Friday.:
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You were right - we love it.
Ordered on 3rd July and delivered on 31st October.
Great fun to drive and with the level 3 finish it's really smart on the inside.
We wanted to use it to carry our golf clubs.
So, to protect the back seats and lining we've bought a boot liner from Focuspet on Amazon (UK)
It works really well - see photos


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Welcome to the forum Sunshine charger! Great idea getting the liner for your trunk. I've done that before with other cars I've owned. Is the SE going to be your main car?
Very much a second car - range too small to use as main car, but great fun to have for all of the local stuff
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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