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Mini Cooper SE Range Test

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Bjørn Nyland takes the Cooper SE on a range test. He was able to average around 13 kWh/100 km which is really efficient.

WLTP says it's supposed to have 234 km of range and he was able to drive 227 km with 4% battery charge left. Which means you can get the same rating as WLTP.

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Yep, and that was freeway driving at 90km/h. Around town you can get somewhat further. The MINI is surprisingly economical, and far FAR better than the US EPA suggests.
The thing with the US EPA is that it does represent how americans drive. In fact, the Mini will likely under-perform the EPA rated range the way many people drive here (hop on the highway at 80 MPH). I tend to drive at or near posted speed limit, but that is still 65MPH (over 100km/h)
Funny thing about the EPA test is that they do almost exactly the same as the WLTP test, but then multiply by a "correcting" factor of 0.7 . I read the EPA test result on the mini (go to their site) and they actually got about 160miles till the battery was exhausted (city) and something like 140miles freeway. Averaging those and multiplying by 0.7 gives 110.

I have only really driven around town - so freeways either 80, 90 or 100km/h, and normal city streets 50 or 60km/h. I still give it some off the line every now and then (it is fun), but mostly I am driving sedately and don't slow down for corners. I normally just leave it in mid, or sport if I want to be a bit racier. I tried green once - it is really easy to get the coasting point in green.

The vast majority of people probably never drive outside their city here in Oz except for holidays. The cities are pretty big though - 60+km across, more if you count the adjoining cities.
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In my experience (with two BEVs and a PHEV), I tend to get right around the EPA estimated range if I drive "normally". I can easily beat it if I drive more conservatively or come in well under if I juice it. So I'm fine with the EPA correction factor, because it works for our driving / roads.

In the end, I will probably take this on a longer journey (500-600 miles) about once a year, just for fun. But most of my trips like that are done in the Bolt EV. And the one 1200+ mile summer vacation trip is definitely done in the Bolt. A sporty 2-door car just doesn't lend itself to long journeys anyway, for a family of 4 and their stuff!
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