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Mini Cooper SE extended warranty?

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Hey everyone, we just got our new 2023 mini cooper se and just wanted to ask you guys if it's worth getting the extended warranty? It's our first EV so want to ask for any opinions.

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Hey @tri3dent welcome to the forum! Congratulations on getting your Mini! It's different for everyone but for me I'd rather put money aside for any potential repairs than pay for an extended warranty. Especially in an EV where there's less things that can go wrong. Mini has a great warranty for the battery already.

What do you think of your Cooper SE?
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@tri3dent +1 on what @WillMW mentioned.

Some people take it a step further and invest the money. Best case scenario is that you pay for repairs from the interest and not the principle. Just make sure to get any issues addressed while it's still under the standard warranty.
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