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Mini Cooper SE driving test

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Bjørn Nyland takes the Cooper SE for a test drive and reviews what it's like to drive.

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There are cars that are practical, roomy, comfortable, reliable, eco-friendly, and there are such as MINI. You look at it and you are completely indifferent to the size of the trunk and whether the grandmother will fit in the back seat, what its fuel consumption is and how complex engineering solutions are. You dream about it, even if you've never been behind the wheel. In the first days of July, I was lucky enough to take a test drive of the MINI Cooper S in Munich, with my gorgeous driving teacher, who instilled in me a love for this car. In fact, I took a very responsible attitude to the selection of driving schools and came across and I did not regret that I chose them for training. That's how I made a friend and learned to drive.)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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