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Hi, I am happy to be in this forum for me making my first purchase. I've always been a major fan of the MiniEVs, especially the Hardtops, they look nice, and I found an affordable one with low miles here in my location. I've been looking at some cars and reading about them but before I made a large decision I wanted to check with you all if there is anything that I should look into:

Some things that I will be looking out for during my inspection today:

  • noises in the engine
  • check the transmission for slips jolts etc
  • verify all electrics / features / lights,
  • coolant or oil leaks
They are asking for the price of $36,499 with a clean title

If you guys have any suggestions on what to look at.thanks
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I have been away from the forum for a few days. How did it go?

As far as inspection items go, a common problem on some 2022 and newer SEs is that the active grille shutters may not be correctly seated. This can be easily fixed.

Watch this YouTube video to see the problem and go read its description for more details on the solution:
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