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Hello all

Just picked up my new se a week ago.
Ordered it just before the shut down.
White silver with black, including mirrors.
Never had a car that was so much fun to drive.
Looking forward to being part of this forum.


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The pic is from the mini uk website, when I ordered it.
My dealer is mini of Allentown,Pa,US.

I'm still waiting for my SE to be shipped from Southampton. <sigh>
Glad to have you here. Were you looking at any other EV's before deciding on the Mini EV? I know people sometimes compare it to the BMW i3 which has been a top seller. Would love to see some real pics of your Mini.
Always wanted a Mini Cooper.
Test drove one ( electric ) in March and with the tax incentives it was a no brainer.
I plan to use it locally so the range was not a factor.
Will post pics soon.
Thanks for the welcome messages.
Congrats! I put out a request in March to my local dealer for any information. Still haven't heard anything so it's just more waiting.

I'm glad to see that at least some are getting out there. Enjoy your Mini!
I reserved mine with a $500/- deposit in March.
A couple of weeks later i got a call from my dealer that they had one I could test drive.
At that time there were a few that had had arrived in the US but I didn't like the color combinations.
I placed an order with an additional $1500/-.
The plant shut down for a few months due to covid.
Finally arrived a couple of weeks back.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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