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I posted on f56 but t thought I would share here..

Technology has pretty much Homelink obsolete. I've been researching a WiFi solution for quite some time and finally installed a Liftmaster MYQ WiFi enabled GDO earlier this year. This allowed me to use the MyQ App on my phone but I still had to start the App and press OPEN/CLOSE. The final step in my GDO automation effort was to install a MyQ Home Bridge on my local network which allows the MyQ GDO to talk to Apple's HomeKit. The GDO now appears as a device in the Apple HOME App. When I approach the house, I give Siri a voice command - "Hey Siri, Open the Garage Door"- and HomeKit sends the command to the GDO. The best part of this smart home integration is I that I can open the GDO from any location (WiFI or LTE.5G) and any car with a voice command to Siri, as long as I have my phone.

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