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First EV, First Mini, 3rd BMW :)

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Recently purchased a used 2021 Mini SE Signiture, red/black roof. High milage for a 2021 (14K), but with the markets these days, it was still a good deal for those who didn鈥檛 want to wait for the 2023 build times. :p

I have lots of plans for modifications, mostly around blacking out the chrome, and really look forward to the information on forums like this too! Already getting great ideas. 馃

(Towed the Mini from CA to AZ last week, so haven鈥檛 taken any better pictures yet.)

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Welcome to the forum @9to5. What other vehicles were you considering before going with the Mini?
Congratulations on your new Mini @9to5 and welcome! Did you test drive any gas Minis? Or were you set on getting an EV?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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