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Decontenting the Iconic SE (removing content)

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While in the process of ordering an Iconic SE recently, the salesperson said the following items are now not part of the Iconic trim: 1 - alarm, 2 - adaptive cruise control, 3 - heated steering wheel. They suggested that the problem was due to supply issues for the tech involved and now the Iconic price is less and means less. If you look in the build application, you can see the change. Not angry, EU is at war after a Russian invasion so... does anyone know about cutoff dates for this content which was standard and now is not available?

For me, these are optional and not central to my purchase but this should be discussed. New member.
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I ordered Iconic Trim in February and have yet to receive it. THe build sheet shows 541 Active Cruise, 248 Heated Steering Wheel, 302 Alarm and ZMR Pano Sunroof Delete. When I track the car in MyGarage, the Active Cruise is still there but I see the Alarm and Heated Wheel credit so they clearly didn't make it. There's also no mention of the Pano Sunroof delete so I not that's not an option anymore. I'm in AZ and if it shows up with a sunroof, it's a deal breaker for me.
I'm in AZ also. I found sunroof shades on Amazon that do a great job.
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