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Cigar Lighter switch off with ignition Off

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Hi Folks

Have a July 2021 Option 2 E-Mini Cooper S with option 2
With the new rules in the highway code (in UK at least) pedestrians and cyclists have a lot more power they can exercise over us poor motorists. So I have fitted a dash cam to have any evidence should I sadly have any issues. I explored the full mini installed dash cam option but too expensive at over £400. I got a simple device (~£20) off the web it runs fine BUT powering from the Cigar Lighter /Accessory socket means it doesn't turn off when the ignition goes off.

Cant find anything on the mini computer regarding this. In many cars it is possible to move the fuse for the Cigar Lighter to a fuse socket that is only live with the ignition on. Info on the fuses from the web doesn't give a clue so ...

Anyone know if making the Cigar Lighter go off with the ignition is possible ??

regards in advance for any help

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I know this is late, but it does go off ~10-15 minutes after exiting the vehicle. Could be a good thing, a sort of free parking mode window for your camera. I use this power source with no ill effect.
Hi carrrl

Thanks for the info. Just been out to swimming for my daily dip and left camera on in cigar lighter socket. when I came out it was off and the cigar lighter plug/powersupply was also off. Opened up car and cigar lighter plug/powersupply burst into life. This was around 45 minutes. But your suggestion that it goes off is OK ! while it is outside in view of my house will watch it and try and see what the time actually is.

PS just done the lounge view test and it was around 10 minutes !!

Thanks for the help

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