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charging problem resolved

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At the end of October I plugged in my charger to the mini and it is programmed to charge over the night at low cost rate
Following day It had not charged ( overnight energy meter showed just the usual house consumption). Went out to the car and on pressing the start button the error message came up "did not charge contact service provider " . Closed the message and the the car drove ok and the available range was as I left it the night before. Which provider did the message mean car or charger provider?

I range the charge point provider and their record showed no charge that night but there was no problem with the charger it all seemed to their help line that all was ok. Rang the mini supplier and after some chat they said bring the car in and they will look at it.

In the mean time I got to thinking that this had occurred on the first attempt to charge after the the clocks in the UK had gone back to GMT. Now when this happened I did change all the clocks and altered my charger settings on both car and charger as well

My house energy meter is not adjustable and is set on GMT by the energy company. and so my charger and car settings had reflected this in timing 1 hour ahead. This setting before the clock changed had charged 15 times with no problems. Now everything was back to GMT. It occurred to me that there are 3 clock involved in this, the car, my charger setting, and the house energy meter. I made the assumption that the car and the charger setting were locked to some standard via the computers ( don't know this for sure)

The house energy meter however was installed around 6 years ago (not a smart meter) and all it has is a printed sticky label on it stating the times set-- How accurate is this ? and how does it do its timing? I reset the mini time with quite a large inset so now car is set up to receive charge around 30 minutes before the charge point starts up (it was set up with only a couple of minutes inset during BST). The end point is set at the same as the house meter.

This seems to have sorted it and have recharged during the off-peak period twice more since and all seems OK.
anyway hope this tale may help anyone else who may have problems

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