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Thread to show off your chargers you like, bitch about the ones you don't! I like mine. I wasn't expecting a 240V charger to come with my car, so already had wall and mobile chargers. When I looked at the BMW cinder block, I was glad that I found others...

Here they are.

OpenEVSE hardwired charger. This is a 48A one, in case I get a bigger EV down the road. The extra cost of going large on wiring and EVSE was small compared to a 32A. This is open source, if you want to mess with it, you can. It can also be controlled remotely. Great for inveterate tinkerers, like me...

Car Tire Vehicle Wheel Hood

Mobile charging setup from Tesla. It is a UMC gen2. Tesla plug swapped for a J1772. This needs a big crimper. Somebody out there is J plugging these in exchange for $$$.
I went for the Tesla as it is small, well engineered and reasonably priced (especially if you find a European one in eBay šŸ˜œ). The best bit is the large variety of outlet adaptors available: 5-15, 5-20, 6-15, 6-20, 10-30, 14-30, 6-50, 14-50. The big white one is a CS8365 that I made up for a 3 phase outlet at work.
On a 5-15 outlet, it takes 31 hours to charge 0-100
6-20 does a lot better at around 10.
The 50A adaptors are 4 1/2 hours on 240v. Though a touch slower on 208.
As a further bonus, the two bags fit very nicely under the main boot floor.

Automotive lighting Hood Automotive tire Trunk Motor vehicle

Car Vehicle Hood Automotive lighting Motor vehicle
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