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BMW knows they need to improve range

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BMW realizes that their current fully electric offerings are well below what's being offered by rivals. Despite being on the lower end of the spectrum, the company has still managed to bring 300,000 electrics and hybrids to the road. Moving forward the company will be ensuring that their range is more comparable to other vehicles in the segment, and moving forward they aim to deliver in excess of 250 miles.
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We are years away from seeing 400 miles as the standard range, but its good that BMW wants to get there. The EV segment marks the first time in decades that BMW is actually one of the underdogs. This should drive them to produce some very capable models and hopefully they can learn from the mistakes of other brands.
It can be said that they're behind before they even started because the Bolt EV is rated for 240 miles range but owners have been getting nearly double that by hypermiling.
That to me all but confirms that GM will look to ensure we'll see aggressive ratings before rivals have a chance.
I mean they can learn from their own mistakes with the i3 and even the new Countryman PHEV. Both of those are way overpriced and neither of them hold up to competitors. It's foolish to offering anything with less than 250 miles in todays market. The tech is there, BMW just has to be wiling to absorb some costs.
Do you guys think that the claimed 260km range on the 2019 i3 is substantial enough? While its not a huge improvement over the outgoing model, that is nearly double what the i3's range was when it launched back in 2013.
the need for an increasing amount of range is slowly going down with the lower charge times required
gradually, the time required to recharge is becoming less of an inconvenience and not something we think about much
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