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Aloha from Honolulu! I am one month into owning a 2022 SE- my two previous cars were also Minis and I love how they drive… and fit into tight parking spaces. Island living is supposedly ideal for this car and that’s largely true- I only drive about 10 miles a day and the temps don’t usually get lower than 60F or higher than 85F. It is pretty hilly here though- while my commute to work is almost all downhill and uses almost no energy except for AC, I have to climb back up to 500 feet above sea level after work. But perhaps the biggest challenge I am facing is infrastructure. Like most people in Honolulu I live in a multi unit housing so I can only charge at home maybe once a week for about 5-6 hours (level 1) and so I’m reliant on public charging. Honolulu has a lot of public chargers but many of them aren’t functioning and the ones that do work are rarely available when I need one (65% of the time it’s a Tesla sitting there, 30% of the time a Leaf). I also have yet to take a “road trip” to the North Shore or windward side because there are fewer chargers and I’m not sure yet how highway driving plus crossing over the mountains will affect range (ok also I have been too busy to go anywhere outside of town lately). But I’m hoping that over time I will get more comfortable with EV ownership! And also hoping that Hawaii makes good on its promises to drastically improve the infrastructure. I’m glad I found this forum ahoping to learn from others and share my experiences as well!
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