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So.... I'm in quite a pickle with the MINI that our family ordered in early May. We were sold a 2020 MINI Countryman SE (the plug-in hybrid version, in other words), and BMW has instead made a 2021 version. This isn't a problem in and of itself, of course, except that they didn't ask about certain elements which were "updated," and so I'm wondering whether these elements are options on the 2021 Countryman (and, therefore, cannot be changed even if we order a new car and have them start over building that new car). Here's what concerns me:

1) The interior seats have "Malt Brown" leather rather than "British Oak." Is that "Malt Brown" just the new brown leather interior for 2021 and "British Oak" no longer available? Or did they substitute their judgment on this for ours?

2) Similarly, the car has Piano Black Exterior Trim. We thought we were getting the (normal) chrome trim on the exterior. Is the "Piano Black" trim optional, or is it just what the 2021 looks like?

3) Finally, the car now has a Dynamic Digital Instrument Cluster. Perhaps others might think me strange, but I really do like the original non-digital instrument cluster. Again, is that an option that they should have asked us about (and we could have turned down), or is that just a 2021 "feature"?

My dealer refuses to just swap out these elements for us. So I suppose I have a secondary question for those of you who may know -- Can any of these be swapped out? Could you just "pop off" the Piano Black Exterior Trim around the headlights & taillights and replace it with chrome? Or is that going to create problems with the integrity of the car?

Any thoughts are welcome!
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