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The electric Mini Cooper SE has finally been revealed by BMW and here's what we now know from the press release: https://www.press.bmwgroup.com/usa/...he-new-mini-cooper-se-electrified-performance

• Electric motor with 135 kW/ (181 hp US) and 270 Nm. (199 lb-ft)
• Model-specific lithium-ion battery enables range of 235 to 270 kilometers – without compromising luggage space. (NOTE: US EPA estimated range figures not available)
• Can be charged at a household 120 volt socket, wall mounted charger or public charging stations, fast direct-current charging possible at up to 50 kW.
• Outstanding agility due to spontaneous power delivery, low center of gravity, front-wheel drive and wheel slip limiting close to the actuator.
• Acceleration from zero to 62 MPH in 7.3 seconds.
• Characteristic design of the MINI 3 Door with model-specific accentuations.
• Model-specific display and control elements in the interior.
• Recuperation can be configured at two levels for individual one-pedal feeling.
• Standard equipment features include LED headlamps, 2-zone automatic air conditioning, heating with heat pump technology, auxiliary heating, electric parking brake and Connected Navigation.
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