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Mini Cooper SE vs. Peugeot e208 vs. Renault Zoe

Autocar tested the Cooper Se against the Peugeot e-208 and Renault Zoe to see which electric hatchback is the best.

Here's their conclusion for each of the 3 cars.

The Mini received praise for its price compared to the other cars, it's premium feel, and how fun it is to drive. But they said that the Peugeot is the most compelling package of the 3.

So where does that leave us? Well, matters are complicated by the fact that these are three very different takes on the small EV, each trying to attract a slightly different type of buyer. Plus thereís the thorny subject of price: even in their most basic guises these are expensive superminis, and thatís taking into account the potential Ďfuelí savings.

The Renaultís range is truly impressive, plus it offers decent practicality. Yet it canít match the other two for quality, refinement or driver appeal. And it feels less expensively engineered than its pair of rivals, which would be fine if it didnít cost more than them to buy. Less expensive versions of the Zoe make more sense than this GT Line.

The Cooper S feels like nothing less than a premium product, and for driving fun itís head and shoulders above the rest, plus at £24,900 for the entry-level model itís fractionally the most affordable. Yet itís hamstrung by that range and an interior that is a little too bijou for it to double up as the sort of occasional family transport supermini drivers typically demand Ė in terms of space itís more of a Volkswagen e-Up rival.

The Peugeot? Well, itís the most compelling package, striking a neat balance between the practicality and range of the Renault and the quality and refinement of the Mini. No, itís not the most thrilling to drive, but it features the most even spread of talents and demands far fewer compromises Ė and for a motoring public getting used to an inevitable EV future, thatís a good thing.
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